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Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration is sure needed when you want to protect your logo or brand name in sense of having monopoly right over it there is no time  limit for trademark registration in India ,you can register for it any time after one year or five years so on , there is one main casualty of registration late sooner your trademark , better will be chances to claim right on you logo or Brand names.

How to register for trademark in India
Trademark Registration in India

There is two ways for  Trademark registration in India first way to register for trademark is online by yourself  login into IpIndia website

Trademark Registration Fees

Trademark registration Govt. fees for Private limited Company & Limited Liability Partnership companies  -Rs 9,000

For Proprietorship /One Person Company – Rs 9,000  Govt.fee needed to be Paid

Document needed for trademark registration

A copy of logo under JPEG format

Date of first use of Trademark by You

Name and address of  trademark applicant holder

Required fees needed to be submitted

Procedure for Trademark Registration

First you need to search the name in Public  Search

Second step is to know which category of goods and services you trademark comes under-There is Thirty-four Classes for Goods and Eleven classes for Services through which you have to select which Classes or Services comes under ,it can have two classes matching through or four .

You need to fill application

You need to pay the fees

Get Receipt of filled application

To check your trademark is registered login in to Ipindia website under which move over Trademark section then Related links there you will see Trademark status

Second way to register for  trademark in india let the work  done by a consultancy for more assurance that no mistake is done during filings of document .

So you got all things need for registering your trademark in india , Feel free to Contact us-

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