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10 Things to know about Company registration in india

What is company registration ?

Company registration is simply registering your company to protect your from any fraud in partnership ,expanding your business to other cities , getting loans from banks and funding money from investors .

Type of company registration

One Person Company
Limited Liability Partnership
Private Limited Company
Public Limited Company
Section 8 Company


what to know about company registration
10 Things to know about company registration in india

This  depends upon various things such as your need , minimum requirement, Advantages of registering in particular company type.

If you are looking for  operating as sole operator of company then choose one person company type –

If you want to work in partnership with other person then opt for limited liability partnership in this cases one signatory partner can bind other partner.

If you are want to be director and also shareholder for the operating company then  you can opt for private limited company registration.

If you want to sell your shares to public having no restrictions on minimum number of  shareholders then go for public limited company see the requirement

To know about company registration process in details check >

Company registration process

Fee charged for company registration in india?

Government fees is fixed,yet new rules can be added any time, you never know, consulting companies prices vary according to what they providing in it .

How  to check status of Company Registration online in india?

To check that your company is registered visit at ministry of corporate affairs

How to find that Company name you chosen is available for use or not?

For that Login to mca.gov.in ,next you will see heading showing mca Services then move your cursor over it you will see heading saying check company name

How to register your company online?

You can visit Ministry of Corporate affairs then Mca services for registering , be sure about registering yourself in case of mistake you have to find solution yourself.

What is meant by Incorporation of company?                                                     

Incorporation of company means registration of company as separate legal entity.

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